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LinuxFest NorthWest 2015 [Jan. 24th, 2015|12:35 am]

LinuxFest NorthWest will be at Bellingham Technical College on April 25th and 26th. The Fest has an exhibition area, lots of talk sessions, evening parties and the world famous raffle. Fedora will have an exhibit booth and if you have a Fedora or other open source presentation, submit your proposal by Friday, January 30th 7pm PST.

If you are a Fedora Ambassador or user who would like to help at the exhibit, please sign up at the event page. You will get to interact with a wide range Linux users from experienced developers to curious families and kids.
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LinuxFest NorthWest part one [Apr. 29th, 2014|11:05 pm]

Over 120 Linux and gaming enthusiasts attended the Board Game Night sponsored by Fedora. I greeted attendees with Fedora playing cards and for those who asked about the Fedora shirts, I offered them to Fedora users who agreed to wear them at the conference. Cards Against Humanity seemed to be the most popular game, with Settlers of Catan and other games played at about a dozen tables. Jacob and the other LFNW organizers had to make a food and drink run, and set up more tables, for the greater than expected crowd.
Fedora Game Night at LinuxFest Northwest
The Fedora table was right near the entry, Adam and I had two XOs (One Laptop Per Child) computers set up to attract the crowd and my tiny net-top computer was running the Gnome desktop with Heisenbug, and plenty of stickers. The hall filled quickly when the doors opened at 9:30 and was busy all day long. The Fedora users came by to say hi and and those who got a shirt showed them off. We got some positive comments about our ad in the program, with the balloons that were fitting for game night, Fedora's 10th and LFNW's 15th anniversary. We were busy all day long answering questions, Adam handling the technical questions while I showed off programs on the net-top and the XOs and explained the four foundations; freedom, friends, features and first.
The "World famous" raffle had the hall packed to close out the first day of the conference. Bill, the head of LFNW, thanked Fedora for sponsoring the board game night (lots of cheers) and Microsoft for sponsoring the after party (not as many cheers), before drawing tickets. Several HP Slates, a Chromebook and two high end computers were given away with lots of books, shirts, hats and other goodies (I didn't win). The XOs got a good workout and I was partially hoarse from answering questions all day. So I skipped on the after party at the Spark Museum to put the finishing touches on my talk, Pure Data - Programming for Artists.
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LinuxFest NorthWest [Apr. 11th, 2014|07:26 am]
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It is hard to believe that a year ago we were at the Live Code Festival in Karlsruhe, Germany on our way to Graz, Austria for the Linux Audio Conference.  We had an incredibly fun time with awesome performances and great talks at both.  This year the Linux Audio Conference is in Karlsruhe, where it started, and sadly I won't be there (unless I win the lottery in the next two weeks).
But I will be at the incredibly fun LinuxFest NorthWest, which I missed last year.  I will be staffing the Fedora booth with the awesome AdamW on Saturday and Sunday, April 26th and 27th at Bellingham Technical College.  We will be adding a fifth foundation to Fedora, “Fun”, to the other four, “Freedom, Friends, Features, First”, as we are sponsoring the Friday game night (I will be there with Forbidden Island).
Fedora users, help us with game night and the booth.  We would like a Fedora presence at the Friday Game Night, wear your Fedora gear.  Both Adam and I are giving talks so we could use some extra help for the booth.  Adam's talk is on UEFI: The Great Satan and you, and mine is on PD - Programming for Artists.  Contact me if you have signed the Fedora Contributor License Agreement (CLA) and can help, then you could be the first person to receivethe Panda is In badge.  Sign up on the events page and join us in B'ham for the fun.

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Linux Audio Conference after gathering [May. 12th, 2013|08:51 pm]
[Tags|, ]

The Linux Audio Conference group traveled to and climbed a dormant volcano to the Riegersburg Castle, then went to Buschenschank for food and wine, and a little music.

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(no subject) [May. 12th, 2013|09:59 am]
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Final day of the conference. I missed some of the morning talks to take in the Graz market to get some pumpkin seed oil, one of the snacks provided during the conference breaks was a spread made with it.  So I missed talks on PulseAudio on Embedded Linux and Room Impulse response using Floss Tools.


Interesting talks on Pitch-classes in SuperCollider, Convolution Techniques for Live Performance, and LV2 plug-ins with Faust were given in the afternoon.  There was alot of excitement over the lightning talk of MOD, a guitar pedal box that is a LV2 host and processor.  Many questions about it, most often, "When can I get one?"


The evening performance was great as always.  The first performance was interactive with an Android app, Csound Drums.  Intended to teach rhythm to middle and high school students.  It was a little rowdy following the developer and conductor, Tarmo Johannes, in the beer drinking club, but the performance went well.  Then Renick Bell tore up the place with his demo of Conductive, a live algorithmic approach he presented as a paper on Thursday.


All the papers are up at the LAC 2013 site, presentation slides and talk videos will be posted later.   I'll post some audio, video and photos after I get back home.

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Linux Audio Conference, Day 2 [May. 11th, 2013|04:21 pm]
[Tags|, ]

More interesting talks today on Ambisonics, Csound6 code update, Haskell for Live Coding and MPF: Music for Programmers.  Chuckk Hubbard presented Rationale a scoreing sequencer for just intonation, the notes will be an exact fraction of the prime note.  ipyclam is an ipython based interface to CLAM ( C++ Library for Audio and Music ).  I haven't had success compiling CLAM in Fedora, but this will give me a new reason to try.


The 2 lightening talks were amoung my favorites.  Robin Gareus showed how he used openGL as a user interface for a LV2 plugin, the Hammond organ panel with drawbars and rocker switches could be rotated in 3D, with hidden parameter switches and knobs on the side.  Nils Gey presented Laborejo, a music notation workshop with many composing shortcuts that will create Lilypond output and will play the scores, still in work (beta) I will be trying this.


What I like best about LAC is the live music performances and today's where amoung the best.  Florian Hollerweger (violin), IOhannes m zmölnig (trumpet), Martin Rumori (benjolin), David Pirrò (bass guitar) and Rob Canning (composer) performed Parallaxis: For Four Instruments and Electronics, where thw performers and the composer interact with the score as they play. 


Marco Donnarumma's performance of Ominous - Incarnated sound sculpture, was one of the best performances that I have ever seen. Microphones on his arms picked up his muscle contractions and were amplified and processed into sounds.


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LAC 2013 Day one [May. 10th, 2013|10:47 am]
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Great first day at the Linux Audio Conference in Graz.   Over 100 people in attendance.  Talks were given on netpd, real time collaborative environment in Pure Data, and SuperColliderIDE.  Fernando Lopez-Lezcano gave a talk on how CCRMA recreated the Hagia Sophia reverberant sound using SuperCollider and Ambisonics.  My favorite talk was Fons Adriaensen's design of an audio oscilloscope, a work in progress that looks really nice.


After the talks there were some concerts in the IEM Open CUBE, a room with 24 speakers.  Michal Seta here in Graz played with some musicians Montreal.  Magnus Johansson played a beautiful SuperCollider piece where 3 SC "poets" take turns playing their variations on a theme.  Bruno Ruviaro sliced and diced many samples from popular Brazilian songs for an interesting effect.  Endphase 20 by Enrique Tomás, João Pais and Alberto Bernal was a tribute to Aaron Swartz using the indictment text played with granular synthesis and Ambisonics, a very moving piece.


After dinner louder more upbeat music continued at the Postgarage bar.

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Linux Festivals [Mar. 28th, 2013|10:16 pm]

I will miss staffing the Fedora booth at LinuxFest Northwest this year, April 27th and 28th in Bellingham, Washington. And miss the Linux sharing, great talks, world famous raffle, Tesla coil party, and NorthWest Salmon BBQ.

But I will be a Fedora Ambassador at the Live Code Festival in Karlsruhe, April 19-21 and at the Linux Audio Conference in Graz, May 9-12. Hope to see some Fedora users there.
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Saturday at LinuxFest NorthWest [Apr. 28th, 2012|10:50 pm]

It is hard to get any futher north and west than Bellingham. This laid back college town is the sight of perhaps the funnest Linuxfests in the country. Friday night I staked out a wall outlet for power and checked into the hotel where one package was waiting for me. So Saturday morning I set up the table with one Fedora Tee and some install media. Robyn arrived and asked where the table skirt was and informed me of two other boxes. A quick trip to the hotel yielded the table skirt and other swag.

LFNW is a free, family oriented event, so besides ubergeeks there are people who are just linux curious. That's fine by me, I can't answer many of the technical questions posed, but can easily show Gnome 3 and talk a neophite into trying the live DVD. We sat next to the Oracle booth and he would sent the linux curious our way. Here is my view of the wired and tired comments heard at the booth today.

OLPC is a blessing and a curse, it attracts people to the booth and is something for kids (and kids at heart) like to play with, (one child barely as tall as the table came by 3 times to play with TamTamMini). But it also gets questions like, "Is this for sale?", "Where can I get one?", and comments like "I've never seen one of these before". The answer to "Why is this here?" is, the OLPC runs a Fedora Linux Remix.

Gnome 3 brings up comments about Unity (nobody likes it), but Gnome 3 is not Unity. I wish I had learned all the keyboard shortcuts available in Gnome 3 to show it's versility.

The tired comment is "bleeding edge". There is no bleeding required to use Fedora. It is fully tested and quality controlled. Yes, Fedora is first with features that other distros will eventually use, so it is "leading edge". I really admire the way Robyn handles these questions and wish tha I could see her talk about Fedora on Sunday.

Saturday sessions end with "The World Famous Raffle". I won a small prize, but most of the books I was interested in where gone, I just got one book, on Closure, of the five allocated, as the books on GIMP, Arduino and Drupal were gone. The raffle pays for the After Party, featuring Free (as in speech) Beer. So if this post is a little disjointed, I blame the Dirty Blonde.

If you are at LFNW and would like a Fedora Tee, stop by the booth and tell me, "I'm a Fedora user and I would like a Fedora shirt". I was hesitant to give away the tee shirt I had Saturday morning, but after picking up the box with a bunch of XLs, no one asked for a shirt. So we have some tees, stop by and see me.

Pictures and more on Sunday.
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Linux Audio conference, Saturday [Apr. 16th, 2012|12:04 am]

Today Dave Phillips gave the keynote speech. on the history of Linux audio from the development of OSS in 1992 to this, the 10th Linux Audio Conference. Dave literally wrote the book on Linux Audio & Sound and has been a long time contributer to Linux Journal with a monthly articles and created the Linux Audio website and maillist. Dave had interesting stories about the people who made Audio viable on Linux including Rt kernel developer Ingo Molnár, a RedHat employee, and fedora based PlanetCCRMA repository by Fernando Lopez-Lezcano.

More great talks on the technology including more Ambisonics, sound over UDP, resampling, the Faust library (this is really cool, I must learn how to use Faust) and a touch screen implementation.

The most interesting talk of the day was about the composition Rite of the Earth by Krzysztof Gawlas. This project is a great mix of the arts and computers, started with artists making ceramic instruments, drums, flutes, shakers, gongs, chimes and ocarinas. A sonic analysis of the instrument samples allowed Krzysztof to make a score of the samples using SuperCollider. The sixth movement of the piece was featured at the evening concert and was very beautiful.

The evening concert also featured some great live performances. Kevin Erste's piece Birches was preformed with John Graham on viola, a beautiful mix of live and computer processed sounds. Chris Chafe and Roberto Morales performed the piece Princesa Chontales using a the prototype cello made by Max Mathews, a daxaphone played by Chafe, and Morales played percussion, flute and piano with two Wii controllers rubber banded to his sleeves, to computer process the sound.

The music continued in the Coho coffee house with live performances of Miller Puckette on guitar, Zachery Berkowitzi on his mallet controller, Grant Brownyard played some computer game music he created and Harry van Haaren created some dance music with his Luppp program.
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