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Linux Audio Conference, Thursday

Eight great talks today at the Linux Audio Conference. Two programming standouts for me were the talks on Luppp a live loop personal performance program using a matrix arrangement of tracks and scenes like Ableton Live, and INScore an interactive live music score application (I know a composer who will be interested in this).

Ivica Bukvic gave a behind the scenes look at L2Ork, Linux Laptop Orchestra. Besides sharing the internal functioning of the PD-L2Ork environment, he also spoke about the goals, bringing Arts to STEM K-12 education, creating more laptop orchestras, and building a music composition and live performance application.

The evening concert featured several "taped" pieces, though some as programs using random numbers are never the same twice, and concluded with a live performance, Composition in Loops #1 using PD and GEM by Zachary Berkowitzi.

Some of the European attendees and I rented bicycles to get around, and ended up riding back to the hotel in a storm after the concert.
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