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Linux Audio Conference, Friday

Another day of interesting talks on speach recognition, ambisonics and Faust.

Ambisonics is a method of encoding sound locations and transforming that encoding to drive multiple speakers. The presentation on a Toolkit to Design Ambisonic Decoders discussed how they tuned the CCRMA listening room.

The 4 talks on Faust were all interesting, covering a graphical modeling environment for education, how to use faust with PD, an online faust compiler, and faust for iPod. Faust is used to program digital signal processing (DSP) diagrams into modules that can be used with many audio applications including SuperCollider and PureData

The demo of the Graduate Rhythmic Examination shows what can be done with open source software.

There were some great performances at the CCRMA stage. Two standouts for me were Densite by Benjamins O'Brian, a sampling of bells and chimes processed by SuperCollider, and Terra Incognita, and ambisonic work that had real and fantasy sounds flying around on the 16 speakers of the CCRMA Stage.
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